The Road Into ULBC Camp

I remember this road well as after one enters the narrow opening into camp, they cut through the trees on this windy road until the swamp comes into view.  On the left side are the infirmary, nature cabin, and chapel before you mount a hill and stand just outside the lodge that is heated year round.  It was on just this occasion when I was bringing seven young members of my Hoffman Estates Boy Club with one CIT (Counselor in Training) for a summer session. 

The seven boys were young Cadet members of my club (eight to eleven years old).  Even though they would be intermingled with kids from all ethnic backgrounds, those seven kids loved every minute of camp.  Our older member lasted one day as a CIT.  I had to come up and get him to bring him back to Hoffman Estates after only one day.  When asked if the younger members wanted to leave I received negatives from all of them as they were having a great time already. 

I used that main road many times in the offseason with my kids from Hoffman Estates in all seasons of the year and all were received well.  At times in the off-season we ould mingle with members of the Union League Clubs of Chicago.   I will never forget my experiences at the camp which began as a counselor there in 1970. 

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