I would like to thank Don Clodfelter for capturing this photograph of a birch tree that has fallen into Big Bass Lake from Turtle Island which is the twin island of Four Winds Island on the north side of the lake.  In other pictures of this island here at Big Bass Lake and Beyond this particular island has a tree that appears ready to fall at any time and this must have been that tree.

And this particular island is owned by the Manistee National Forest which brings that natonal forest to the very shores of Big Bass Lake itself.  I wonder how long it will take the forest service to remove this potential obstacle from the lake?  Our beachfront property also had a lot of birch trees and they are most beautiful indeed. 

Don has taken other photographs that will appear over the coming months.  Beginning in September, this site will be posting a daily article and all these will be brand new posts from either me, Darren, Mike, or Darlene.