Ludington in the 1950′s

Here is Ludington in the 1950’s and ths was the time and place where the ever so popular A & W was found at this resort town. I think I prefer the older Ludington over that of the present one. Maybe that’s because change doesn’t always go well with me.  For one, driving was a whole lot simpler then with fewer cars on the road.  I even think many of those older cars were safer than the ones we have today.  I mean, how many recalls do you recall occurring in the 1950’s? 

Shopping was easier in the 50’s too as there wasn’t so many choices to be made.  Today there are umpteen choices of Cherrios when in the 50’s there was but one.  Then we had Coca Cola and now there are several varieties of the original.  Quaker Oats was found just one way and now there are dozens of flavors. 

The 50’s were also a much simpler time to live in.  In Scottville doors were never locked at night.  There were dances in our park and I mean the kind where you were close to your partner!  Oh, for those good old 50’s to come back today!  Well, at lteast I can get the music of that era!  Ithink I’ll put a few of those platters on right now.  If you don’tknow what platters are consult your local 1950’s dictonary.

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