Origin of the Hoffman Estates Boys Club

A full 16 years before I became its Executive Director, the Hoffman Estates Boys Club had a rocky history.  It should be known that I took over the reigns of this club from a friend that I had known in college, Tim Ramsey, who warned me about the football program that ruled the club in those days.  Even before that, however, the club’s history was difficult and long.

Hoffman Estates Boys Club initial plans told 7-20-1961.  This was the beginning of the club’s history.  A massive clean-up detail was formed to clean up this old community barn to make it ready to hold activities for the children of that area.   A kick off drive to raise funds came about in October of that same year.  Two months late the club had enough money to go ahead with their plans.

In January of 1962 a Founders Club was formed to carry on the necessary details to bring this plan into reality.  And, on March 14, 1962, new activities were scheduled for what was to become a Boys Club of America in the not to distant future.  In October of that same year , the Founders Club held meetings with the Village of Hoffman Estates to seek out their help and support.  A year later more money was raised so that the Founders Club could remodel the old barn structure to make it even more suitable for boys club activities.

For a time, the football program carried this club until Ramsey was hired as the clubs first real Executive Director through Boys Clubs of America.  He fought long and hard to make it a true boys club but it wasn’t until I took over the reigns that things really began to change.  I still had a lease with the village for the cost of $1 a year to operate the facility and by this time the Founders Club had given way to a Board of Directors. 

During my tenure a joint operation with the Union League Boys Club of Chicago brought off season and in season camping experiences to our club at the ULBC Camp in Salem, Wisconsin.  Another joint operation with the Schaumburg Public Library gave way to an arts and crafts exhibit of the boys work at that facility.  Club programs were expanded to include softball and basketball programs with the latter having a traveling team that played other boys clubs.  For more information on this club, check out our category, Hoffman Estates BCA on the sidebar.

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