On the north side of our property was a small creek that ran just past the phone lines that cut through the middle of our property. Often times our boys club kids would observe deer drinking at this creek from afar. On other times, some of the kids liked to dangle their bare feet in these lukewarm waters. Once we spent a whole afternoon at or near this creek with the Salesian Boys Club kids. Many waded through this creek for about a hundred yards until it became too marshy.

Our family used to have a salt block for the deer near this location. The deer population in the area is rather high which is greatly reduced during hunting season. As a young boy I was never allowed into our forest during hunting season as some hunters will fire at any movement whatsoever. I’ve seen tree perches throughout our forest where hunters can get a good look at the surrounding area. Needless to say, our creek area was also watched by hunters in the fall.

When I was really young I remember a green bridge leading over that creek but have never found any trace of it when older. My dad and I once crossed that bridge enroute to a barber shop that was then located on the north side of Big Bass Lake.  My dad told me of his younger days taking the cows to get a drink there.  In the middle of most summers it was difficult to find any water in this creek.  It wasn’t at all that large.  Yet I never fully explored that creek throughout our property choosing instead to focus on that one area near our large swamp and the phone lines.