There was a time where our old barn served as a hanger for an ultra-lite aircraft and it used our field for its landing strip complete with a windbag, but the airport I am referring to in this post was Big Bass Lake itself on the north side of the lake. There you can find a yellow airplane tethered to the shoreline next to a most unusual house which appears to be built on two separate levels divided by a staircase.

This plane, as I understand it, takes off at least once per week, using the lake as its airstrip. One has to wonder how it manuvers around all the speed boat traffic on the lake for both take-off’s and landings. As you can see it has its own windbag on the location of the cabin.  The lake that Ed Hawks dlives on near Grand Rapids, Michigan, is also used by this yellow plane-

One has to wonder if this will be the test case for even more aircraft opting to use Big Bass Lake as its home base? Time will tell.  By the way, read the comments for who actually owns this airplane as well as his personal website.