The Big Bass Lake Airport

There was a time where our old barn served as a hanger for an ultra-lite aircraft and it used our field for its landing strip complete with a windbag, but the airport I am referring to in this post was Big Bass Lake itself on the north side of the lake. There you can find a yellow airplane tethered to the shoreline next to a most unusual house which appears to be built on two separate levels divided by a staircase.

This plane, as I understand it, takes off at least once per week, using the lake as its airstrip. One has to wonder how it manuvers around all the speed boat traffic on the lake for both take-off’s and landings. As you can see it has its own windbag on the location of the cabin.  The lake that Ed Hawks dlives on near Grand Rapids, Michigan, is also used by this yellow plane-

One has to wonder if this will be the test case for even more aircraft opting to use Big Bass Lake as its home base? Time will tell.  By the way, read the comments for who actually owns this airplane as well as his personal website.

3 thoughts on “The Big Bass Lake Airport

  1. That is Dan Carlson’s Plane. He has a cottage up there on Bass Lake and owns a pretty upscale sign shop. Lots of other talents too.
    He used to keep the plane on the Grand River right next to his sign shop. Now he keeps it on Murray Lake. If I stay up at my cottage on Sunday night, 7:30 Monday morning like clock work I hear the engine roar as he take off from Bass Lake and flies right over our cottage on his way to work. On his way from Murray Lake to fly to Bass Lake he again flies right over our house on Big Crooked Lake. What are the odds that I would live and have a cottage on both take off and landing approaches to both of his places???


  2. I figured that would be confusing.
    Big Bass Lake is 1 mile north of my cottage on Alice Lake. I live 80 miles as the crow files to the south east on Big Crooked Lake. One mile further south east is where Dan keeps his plane on Murray Lake during the week. That means if he leaves Murray Lake to go to Big Bass he flies right over my house. That also means if he leaves his cottage on Big Bass Lake to go home he flies right over my house on Alice Lake. Basically no matter what way he goes he flies over both my cottage and my home on either take off or landing as both locations we are only a mile apart. 🙂


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