The Honeywell Center Skating Rink

  • Rink1 despite what you see here this is actually the Honeywell Center skating rink. It doubles as a place for parties and special events as you do see here. The Honeywell Center is a special place in the hearts of The citizens of Wabash. Since I was there in the 1960’s, the center has been greatly improved as you will see in future posts



The Joplin Boys Club Game Room

IMG_20170922_074818 this is the new Joplin Boys Club now known as the Boys & Girls Club of Southwest Missouri
Here you can see air hockey and fooseball. This new building was not yet finished when I was the executive director. The older building had a more congested game room
This game room is wide open
The boys club now is completely surrounded by a fence. The front lawn of that club would be perfect for a Frisbee Golf Course. I will have more of this club in the future.

The Camp Martin Johnson Heritage Museum

MI+Lake+County+Eden+Twp+Irons+Sc does anyone in our audience know anything about the current status of the camp Martin Johnson Heritage Museum in irons Michigan? I’ve been out of the loop for about 4 years. I’m sure some former campers know what’s going on? Leave us a comment to update us

Turnip Rock

aren’t turnips supposed to make you burp? Well I think I would burp if I saw this thing up close. This Island is located in Lake Huron. To fully appreciate this island you have to be a mountain climber as well as an explorer. Of course once you’re up there you can experiment with some kind of new diving technique on the Deep Side of The Rock. Just don’t try a belly flop! This island would have been a natural for Candid Camera. Hmmm? Funk and Burp?