Easy Pickings!

This is almost like inviting fish directly into your frying pan!  It’s too easy!  One sure doesn’t have to wait long for a bite and I’m not referring to mosquitoes either!  What kind of challenge is this?  Where’s the art of fishing patience here?  Easy pickings are not what I call real (reel) fishing.  Its waiting for the big catch and then having a hard time hauling that beauty into your rowboat.

Now, I like fishing off shore as well as anyone but I don’t cotton to going into the fishes element.  In some rivers during salmon spawning you can literally stick your hand into the river and come home with supper!  Where’s the challenge to that?  fishing is an art and a work in patience.  Easy pickings fishing sure ain’t for me.  I like a patience challenge where it’s between me and the fish. 

I’ll leave this type of fishing to kids!  Bah!  Humbug!

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