My Dad and Uncle Joe at The Old Cabin Kitchen

Here is the inside of that cabin and its kitchen. Unfortunately the stove is out of the picture. The round table is where by dad and Uncle Joe are sitting and my dad is the one with the glasses on. This is where, as children, they took their meals and it is where the family lived up until the time that cabin was leveled to make way for the new cottage.

My dad ran away from home when he was about twelve and went to work in Detroit, Michigan. In our day Child Protection Services would have been notified over that but apparently not in that day. Dad later became President of the Osborn and Midwest Paper Company which was located just across from Wrigley Field in Chicago, home of the Chicago Cubs. One would have thought that would have made me a Cub fan. Wrong! I have followed the Chicago White Sox since 1958. I even followed the Chicago Cardinals largely because they played at Sox park. For you football loyalists, do you know what city they reside in now?

Uncle Joe worked for Boeing almost his entire life based in Seattle, Washington. Here, though, they were reunited for a picture. The family farm was located on Big Bass Lake which is located in Lake County, Michigan. The county seat was in Baldwin and the farm was located in Elk Township. Later I have a picture of the township hall. I know this picture is badly faded but can anyone make out what is in that jar on the table?

One thought on “My Dad and Uncle Joe at The Old Cabin Kitchen

  1. jar on the table………honey, or syrup?…..and uncle joe is your dad’s brother, yes?.that’s where I felt I saw ‘resemblence’ of you.neat picture..


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