The Dog Days at ULBC Camp

This is another way to the ULBC Camp pool and League Lake as you might be able to make out the pool in the distance.  During this current heat wave,  cannot fathom how campers have endnred this extended stretch of 90 degree plus days!

Nights must be difficult o cope with as temperatures have hovered around 80 degrees and the cottages at camp did not have the best of ventilation.  Many were not even shaded.  That was not a problem during my year at camp at Tent City as our tents were shaded and well ventilated.

The mosquito situation must be horrendous as well making both the pool and League Lake the best places to be at camp.  I would gather that the camp infirmary is also doing a brisk business as they attempt to keep the boys and girls well hydrated. 

I recall that the dining hall was also a good place to escape the heat and get all the beverages that you could have.  Any thoughts from present campers or counselors on the extent of this years heat wave and how they are handling it?

With less than a month to go for this summer, the situation can only improve!  So take this pathway down to the lake and pool and cool off!  Okay?

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