The Big Bass Lake Public Landing


This area is the public landing and the property you see across the lake was once our family property. What you are observing there is a tree lined hill that, in mid picture, would have led to our cottage.

It would have been nice to put a gasoline pump at the landing. Since the Big Bass Lake store closed, there is no ready access to fuel for the boats. Plus the state could have made some extra money.

I used this old landing only once and that was to take our old wooden and water logged rowboat over there to dispose of. It was tugged over by my friend John’s pontoon boat which was no easy task given the amount of water that old rowboat had absorbed over the years. It now serves as someone’s boat garden.

By the way, it does have a public restroom on location. Next week, this landing will be the hub of much activity as the official time of summer on Big Bass Lake comes to a close when residents remove their speedboats from the lake and begin pulling in their piers.

This area once belonged to the late Frank Benish and at the time that Benish owned this land there was no public landing at all, only his pier.

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