Blue Skies over Big Bass Lake

A matter was recently brought to my attention here at BBL and Beyond relating to the photographs of Big Bass Lake.  An email came my way asking why the majority of the pictures of this lake were largely under gray skies?  I had not realized that until I sampled a few and that person was right.  Maybe a few bars of “Blue Skies” might help those that have sent us pictures and even those that we have of the lake ourself.

I must confess that the richness of a blue sky overhead makes the lakes waters appear even more blue than when they are not.  The boys of our various camping trips didn’t really seem to notice all that much about the sky unless rain was falling from it.  They enjoyed the lake because they liked to swim or boat in it.  And, as long as the fish were biting who cared what color the sky was anyhow?

Yes, blue skies make the lake appear even more beautiful, I suppose, but isn’t beauty defined by how the eyes take it in?  To me, Big Bass Lake will always be beautiful whether the skies are gray, blue, or white with snow.  All seasons are great on this lake but I mus confess that blue skies do make the lake seem more attractive.  What say you?

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