The Manistee National Forest Is Downright “Cool”

It’s been a long summer and hot as well so I thought a little preview of coming Michigan attractions was in order by way of some “natural” air conditioning.  As much as I love Michigan summers, I also happen to like its winters, within reason of course.  I never like sub-zero weather but some of what I can observe here is rather welcome especially today after another sizzling day.

Mike and Ben are off fishing somewhere so I thought I’d take a break from gardening to post a winter feel that might serve to cool us all off.  Now, to tell the truth, I don’t mind the hot weather but I don’t care at all for the humidity which is a mosquitoes best friend.  And, as I type this post from the comfort of my great air-conditioned house, I have to reflect on just that.  A lot of us can’t wait for the summer and then spend countless hours INDOORS with air conditioning which we can get naturally in the winter?  There’s something wrong with that picture!

Oh, well, back to my gardening and my brain is getting tired thinking about all this.  Now from the cooler back into the oven!  Isn’t life in Michigan grand?

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