Well, is it difficult to locate Na-Tah-Ka? I think if you’re coming in from the air it would be somewhat easier than traveling on the ground due to the large letters spelling out Na-Tah-Ka on the roof. However, for locals everyone knows where Na-Tah-Ka is as it has always held this general location. The original tavern was right across the street from the Big Bass Lake store.

As to missing that Big Bass Lake store, let’s be frank about it. The Big Bass Lake store, as it stands today, needs a lot of work. The building is not what it once was. Larry Bender has a new store across the street and it is modern and easy to access. Personally I miss the old store but there has been so much change over the years, this is one change that had to happen with the closing of the old store.

Plus Larry Bender also has a gas station and restaurant in that area too so you can have all your needs met right on that corner. So come by air or land to Nah-Ta-Ka as you’ll always be welcome! And, for the time being, you can still view the old Big Bass Lake store and let the memories roll.