The Hoffman Estates Boys Club Outside Facility

This was the outdoor facility for the Hoffman Estates Boys Club which, in the fall, consisted of our tackle football program involving three teams of varying ages competing in an outside league. Our Torch Club provided the flag ceremony for home games and our broadcasting club announced the game over the club PA system which included the playing of the National Anthem.

Around half of the club was a blacktop area which staged bicycle races including the Hoffman 300, pit stops included. Around the back of the club was the area for Tire Endurance which consisted of stacking five tires straight up and the object was to move your feet inside and out five times in the quickest time possible. If the tires fell they had to be restacked as the clock ticked on.

On the eastern back side of the club, where the roof angled three different ways, Roof Ball was played with a sort of beach ball that floated in high winds. The object was to hit the ball in sequence back onto the roof until the ball hit the ground. That was a point for the oppositon. This game became quite popular with the kids.

In the summer our club held softball leagues for the boys on the lower diamond in the picture. The championship game was played on the upper diamond. Bubbleball was also played on either diamond using the same ball we used in roofball. On windy days it was hard to hit and catch. These games consisted of seven innings with two outs per inning and once hit the ball could be tossed under the neck at a player in order to get them out.

Springtime had our traveling track team hosting various boys club and even some junior high schools. The events were largely running and jumping. Also in the spring a frisbee golf course was set up using old tires as holes. This also became very popular even in the summer and fall.

The field behind our club was used for pick-up soccer games. The entire area was also used for sketching in our arts and crafts programs during the summer months. This was largely our outdoors schedule for the Hoffman Estates Boys Club.

As part of our outdoor program, our club had a unique relationship with the Union League Boys Club of Chicago as our club traveled to one of their Chicago clubs for swimming and they came to our club for a track meet followed by a hot dog roast.

Our club, through the graces of Al Mackin and Jay Markle, was allowed to use the Union League Camp in Salem, Wisocnsin, for trips on a monthly basis in the off camp season as well as send campers to their summer camp during my tenture there from 1978-80. A Woodcraft Ranger program was even established at our Hoffman Estates Club.

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