During my visits to my grandparents farm in the 1950’s, I seem to recall a Paul Bunyan Museum on the outskirts of Baldwin. As you all know, when one gets older, memory sometimes plays tricks on you but I can’t help but recall a large Paul Bunyan figurine before we got to Baldwin on Michigan 37. Perhaps it wasn’t a museum but something else? Anyone else recall this figure in the 1950’s?

I don’t think Babe was a part of this package as I sure can’t remember a blue bull and that is something that might be hard to forget.  By the way, this photograph is NOT the Baldwin one but a picture I found to make the point. 

I do have one thing in common with Bunyan as our shoe size is similar to that of his.  I’d sure like some confirmation as to whether or not anyone else remembers this Paul Bunyan figurine.  Let me know by way of a comment.