Did Your Rowboat Wind Up Here?

I can almost hear the faint sound of taps in the background as I view these old boats.  I wonder what adventures they could each tell us about during their younger years on Big Bass Lake.  I wonder if our ol rowboat is here?  It sure was a comical adventure getting it from our pier to the Big Bass Lake Public Landing about a hundred yards away.

Comical because our boat was old and water laiden and the trip via a pontoon boat saw the heavy old rowboat almost sink several times enroute to that landing.  I know whereever that old boat is today it sure served us well over the years.  Perhaps its here in this boat “cemetary”?

Does anyone know exactly where this boat graveyard is located?  And what is the purpose for such a place?  Let us know by way of a comment.

2 thoughts on “Did Your Rowboat Wind Up Here?

  1. Dave, I know exactly where it is at….but the caretaker of the boat graveyard do not like visitors going near it. This is a very sacred place and invitation by the caretaker is required.


  2. People do not have to go there as there are two arrticles about it here on BBL and Beyond as well as a video here by Mike Elsner.


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