The Best of All Worlds

I love this photograph for it provides one with all the hiking joys imaginable. There are the sand dunes, the forest, and then Lake Michigan in the distance. I love to jog the shores of that lake in all seasons, yes, including winter. There is a nine mile section off of M-116 where this kind of scene plays out throughout that distance. Just about anywhere you can park your car and head east into this wonderful stretch of land.

I especially like the woodlands which often come through periodic stretches of the dunes.  But vistas like this are hard to come by.   And having you ever tried to sled these very same sand dunes in the winter?  Its a blast!  Yes, you do get a blast of cold air coming off of Lake Michigan as well.  I suppose my favorite time of year to hike this stretch is right now in Autumn as it is not too hot, nor is it too cold.  Light jacket weather makes hiking superb. 

If you’re ever in the greater Ludington area, check this territory out for yourself as you will have an unforgetable experience!

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