The Starvation Plantation


Just off Michigan 37 and heading toward Big Bass Lake was this sign which was passed on each and every trip to our family farm. I believe it was close in to the thriving, at one time, town of Peacock, Michigan, at least that’s what my dad once told me. To me then it was just a town with not even a break in the speed limit. A few houses and that was about it.

Then came The Starvation Plantation. I offered wondered just what that was? Was it a statement by the owners how broke they were? What kind of work was done on that property? Were they into oil speculation? What I should have done was just stop by and ask to satisfy my curiousity but I never did. Maybe it was a farm that just couldn’t produce an iota of food?

How about today? is that Starvation Plantation still in existence and does anyone out there know who owns it and what they do? Let us know by way of a comment.

3 thoughts on “The Starvation Plantation

  1. The people that built the cabin in the early 70’s named it “Starvation Plantation”. They were relatives of the Ely family that live on Able Rd. in Sauble Twp at that time. All have since passed away. If you notice as you pass the sign one side is upside down. When the sign was painted the painter just turned the board over and painted the other side. They thought since the name of the place was different they left it that way. They named it as they did because they thought no one would ever make a living there among the Jackpines. The people that own the cabin now are from the Kalamazoo area.


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