Martin Johnson’s Gravesite


This is the unmarked gravesite of Martin Johnson which still exists just off the shores of Big Bass Lake on the land he loved so much. If he could now see what became of his cherished land I’m sure he would be more than shocked. Even he would not be able to recognize what has become of his land, not to mention his dream of a camp for boys and girls.

The bolder that you see here used to have a plaque on it but now that rests in the Martin Johnson Heritage Museum in Irons, Michigan. All that is really left to mark the spot are the hole marks that once bore that plaque. The site of his grave now stands behind a new home on his former property. It is ever so sad how that land is no longer available to kids.

As for Martin Johnson himself, he was a man I would have like to have known. He had a real love for the area and it was reflected for ages within the camp he himself had created. And, if you desire to know Martin Johnson, read his history at the top of our page. It is inspiring and deep and speaks of a man that loved his Lord and the land that He had given him.

2 thoughts on “Martin Johnson’s Gravesite

  1. Yes, even though his marker has been removed from that boulder by the present ownership. It would be geat if the site cold be movd on the grounds of the Irons museum.


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