The Northeast Side of Big Bass Lake

This is the northeast side of Big Bass Lake and as you can see there are a few inlets on the east side of the lake.  You can also make out Grandma’s Hat Island in the distance.  I always thought it would be a great idea to cut a man-made channel to Bluegill Lake so not only would Big Bass Lak connect with Little Bass Lake through that channel between the two lakes, but also one could connect to Bluegill Lake.

I believe that would enhance Big Bass Lake even more so and also make Bluegill Lake more accessible.  You might not know his but Big Bass Lake, Little Bass Lake, and Bluegll Lake all once served Camp Martin Johnson.   And aside from some structures on Four Winds Island, the old CMJ looks far different than it one day did.  Even the gravesite of Martin Johnson has lost its plague and perhaps a move could be made of his gravesite to the Camp Martin Johnson Heritage Museum in nearby Irons? 

Maybe the movers and shakers of Big Bass Lake could dig a channel between Big Bass Lake and Blugill Lake?  Thoughts?  Leave us a comment!

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