The Marion YMCA Trip to Our Property

Before I even took one boys club trip to our property, the Marion YMCA took one in 1972. Bob Swearingin, the Program Director, accompanied me on the big brown YMCA bus. That bus didn’t go all that fast so it took quite a while for us to get from Marion to our property. We pulled in just off Noreika Road above the wooded beach and then took four tents down to the wooded beach.

That was the most tents I ever took to Michigan. In all 16 boys took the opportunity to travel to our farm. Three tents were erected close together with the fourth tent being put up near the Pointe for the first time ever. Bob and I shared a tent while the rest of the boys divided up with the oldest boys taking the Pointe tent.

Work details were much easier with the larger group and our first night saw us taking a hike down the bloody antler trail. These kids tired easier than the boys club kids so we never quite made it to the Christmas tree farm that night before turning back. This group did however get out to the Haunted Island but for the first time ever it was in shifts. Eight went out one night and eight the next night since there were only two rowboats.

Sidetrips were to the Lake Michigan Recreational Area and to the Ludington State Beach.

The beach got plenty of use with this group as swimming dominated their time. At night we played tracking and hound and the hare in our forest.

With this group it would have been nice to have visited another YMCA group that owned a camp known as Martin Johnson on the other side of the lake. We didn’t get that chance although they might have seen us at the Big Bass Lake store on two occassions that we were there with the Marion YMCA bus.

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