Peaceful Alice Lake

Alice Lake is tucked quite neatly close to both Heart and Seaman Lakes.  I like this particular lake because no motors are permitted on it.  That means row boaters will not have to deal with huge wakes from big speed boats.  Just examine how crystal clear these waters are with nary a ripple to them.  Mike has taken me on a few romantic rides on his canoe and rowboat on this little lake. 

Now and then he will drop a line into the prestine waters of this lake to try his luck.  Yet instead of focusing on fish, I wish he would be a tad more interesting to me.  He usually  jokes “You can’t compare with the taste of perch“.  So he thinks that, does he?  I’ll remember that the next time we bed down for the night!

Smetimes I like to row all by myself while he fishes from shore.  Alice Lake is great for rowing.  Those that live on this lake have a special place without the sound of mighty engines roaring about this lake.  It’s like a touch of heaven rght here in Lake County!

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