Skyline Spectacle Invasion

These huge fan like structures are now beginning to dot the Michigan landscape and are soon coming to Mason County and the Ludington area.  They are the newest form of power that could save Michigan cash on their power demands.  Although they appear as giant fans ne thing our area doesn’t need is cooler weather.  Yet progress does come at a oot as these structures will forever mar our beautiful vistas. 

Michigan Wind Power delivers innovative renewable energy solutions to the average homeowner with special consideration to the environment. We are now offering our “Small Wind Information Series”. “SWIS” is offered as a 6-hour seminar, or a set of 4 presentations geared to educating the consumer on viability of small wind, relative to the Michigan property owner.

Can you imagine one of these on your property farmland?  Whatever lack of beauty it brings it could provide Michigan landowners with savings to their electrical bills in the long run.  I wouldn’t mind having one of these near my property.

Thera is also WISP, “Wind in the Schools program” for Michigan. Install a school wind unit and have 6 pages of streaming data coming into your classroom from the units computerized interface program. This technology would give several classes real time information to work with, relative to their studies. Science, Math, Geography and Technology classes could all benefit from classroom manipulation of this data. Students could visualize their own shrinking carbon footprint, while monitoring the savings of the renewable power generated into their school. 

 Homeowners and small business’s can supplement their energy with wind and solar power and partly or entirely sidestep the utility company. Renewable energy is no longer just a solution for large companies. Now the average homeowner can afford to tap into this affordable technology.  What a great innovation!

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