O Christmas Tree

I have an enduring love of the real evergreen as a Christmas tree. This is probably born of my days in the woods, of my love of the smell of pine and the happy memories it brings me, and of course from childhood memories. We never had a foil tree as a child. Dad always bought us a lovely pine and would flock it with his Sears Roebuck shop vac. When I was a pre-teen we switched to artificial….a plastic fake tree that never stirred my soul as a real tree did.

Today we have a 13 foot pre lit artificial tree. It sits in the garage, unused as I buy smaller real evergreens, cut in Michigan. I can’t help but compare these sad examples however to the trees I love so well. These trees are sprayed with a fire retardant coating that is dyed green- and this colors the tree. Inside my tree this year it is sad and brown. The coating didn’t cover as much as one would expect.

If I still had access to Brookwood I might want to travel there to choose a tree from Grandfather’s forest…..a baby of one he planted perhaps.l would know I was getting a lovely, fresh example, and a piece of “home” at the same time. Of course, I would not be able to bring my husband along, for although he loves “live” trees he won’t “kill” it himself….he will just be an end user and pruchase it!

I would love to see our woods at Christmas. I imagine the sparkling snow, the crusty surface that would pop as my feet fell through to the softer blanket below; the shining ice that would drip from trees causing icicles to bounce in the breeze; the crisp, clean smell and the welcoming wafting scents of a fireplace keeping us warm inside the cabin. And the Christmas trees decorated with snowy drifts on their branches, ice gleaming in the winter light and pine cones accenting the overall effect.

Merry Christmas to all! Peace.

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