Hoffman Estates Boys Club Spider Invasion

Just after the football equipment room was cleared out due to the program leaving the club, I discovered a spider problem in that room that the club was about to convert to an arts and crafts/meeting room adjacent to our library. I contacted an exterminating company and they surprised me with how they were going to go about the problem.

As I arrived at my club the next day a gigantic tent was already in place covering our entire building. I had never before seen something like this. The exterminating company informed me that for two days the club had to be completely shut down and on the third day I was to go in and open all exterior doors for at least an hour or two to make sure things were okay.

That exterminating company did quite a job and when I arrived the third day the tent was gone and so I opened my club and could sense a fairly strong odor so I opened the front door, the back door, they second floor gymnasium outside door and the concession room shutters.

The spider problem was gone and never returned. Our new arts and crafts center was then ready to move into with supplies and chairs. Within a few days the room had taken on an altogether new look and the kids were excited about a new room being added to their activity area. Our educational center now included a library, meeting room, and an arts and crafts center and the latter also had two shutters that could be opened during the good weather.

A tent over a boys club, though, was truly a thing to behold.

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