Ways to Have Fun on Big Bass Lake


How do you have fun on Big Bass Lake? Have you tried water skiing, or tubing, or even just rowing across the lake to put your pier together? What about something that looks akin to skateboarding on water? I’ve even once seen water walkers used on the lake on a calm day. Those things look like giant storks feet and one can actually run on water, if skilled, and if the lake is calm.

How about fishing? You can do that in all seasons, that is, if you can cut through the ice in the winter? Have you been snowmobiling on the lake? Has anyone tried parasailing? Or while we’re on that one, what about just pure sailing?

How about a lesiurely ride around the lake on a pontoon boat as you take in the sights? Any snorklers or deep sea divers exploring the depths of Big Bass Lake? I know swimming remains a big activity on the lake.

Does anyone barbeque just off their pier? How about painting the reflections off the lake on canvas? Anyone hiking the shoreline of the lake? Any island explorers, for after all there are five of them on the lake, you know? Yes, I believe there are lots of ways to have fun on Big Bass Lake including the Fourth of July Boat Parade and fireworks. Try some out!

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