Stormy Weather at Big Bass Lake


One of our trips with the Columbus Boys Club of Columbus, Ohio, was a wet one as it rained nearly every day. Thank goodness for our mesh dining tent. On those hard rains we spent a lot of time in there. I used to laugh at our clothes lines which were supposed to dry out our wet clothing not wash them.

As my memory recalls, I don’t think there was ever another trip that was so wet. Sure there was a day or so of rain on nearly every trip but never one where it rained every day but one. Fortunately there was not much lightning on that trip so most of our activities could be carried out. One of our regular tents turned out to be a sauna with the flaps closed so that our clothes could dry out.

Now it didn’t rain every hour of every day but more than we would have liked it to. Swimming in the rain can be fun but as one kid said, “Today we haven’t needed to go into the lake to get wet” and he was sure right. The good thing is that our wooded beachfront kept out most of the rain.

The day before we left the sun came out and the kids thought that was the best day ever. Storm clouds finally left and that was good news.

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