St. Lad’s and The Salesian Boys Club

ST LADSSalesianPool

Part of my responsibilites as the Physical Director of the Salesian Inner City Boys Club of Columbus, Ohio, was to direct a physical education program at St. Ladislas, a school from kindergarten to eighth grade. The school had only an outside playground for warm weather and then they would use our boys club facility in the winter, especially the swimming pool.

The children there wore dress clothes to school including shoes so even on gym days they would have to remove their good shoes and put on their tennis shoes as they were not allowed to wear tennis shoes to school. We played the usual games like kickball, basketball, and dodgeball with some exercices thrown into the mix. At the club they could swim.

Over the course of time I also served as their junior high baseball coach. When I left the Columbus area I received a hand written letter from every boy and girl in that school at my new address which overwhealmed me to say the least. That school had become quite important to me and I still treasure the experiences I had there.

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