Cool Weather Camping Trip

Every now and then the weather at Big Bass Lake can turn on you. One July, with the Hoffman Estates Boys Club, of our seven days there only two were what you could call seasonal weather for July. Fortunately I had asked the kids to bring along a wind breaker for night hiking only I didn’t know that it would become their daily wear for five of those days.

Three days the weather was in the mid to upper 50’s, two days in the low 60’s, and two days in the high 70’s. Two nights saw the temperature bottom out at the high 40’s so I borrowed some blankets from my grandmother to help out with those cold nights.

Rowboating and fishing became quite popular over that of swimming for five of our days and hiking was rather pleasant no matter the hour. The last two days the kids got some swimming in. Campfires were very popular at almost any time of the day to provide some added warmth.

Our one sidetrip to the Lake Michigan Recreational Area saw the kids only doing some minor wading in the waves as no one wanted to swim in the low 60’s plus that day was quite windy making the temperature appear even lower.

Almost every meal was gobbled down as the hot food tasted ever so good to the boys. Late night campfires on the cold nights were common for three of those days. As I reflect back on all our summer trips, that was the only one where the weather was so bad and it was Mid-July! Who would have thought that?

Oh, by the way, that red X was where our wooded beachfront campsite was.

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