Sidetrip to Driftwood Valley

About seven miles off our property was a campsite called Driftwood Valley. It was a campground for campers right next to the Little Manistee River. Just down the road from Driftwood Valley was another campsite by the name of Beartrack.

On our rainy trip with the Salesian Boys Club out of Columbus, Ohio, one of our sidetrips was to Driftwood Valley but the kids were not interested in the campsite per se, but rather the Little Manistee River. They took off their shoes and socks and waded into the icy waters. This river has a swift current so the kids had to watch their balance.

Whitey Meier took out his fishing pole and began to try out his luck standing almost in the middle of the shallow river. Within a few minutes the kids had to give way to two canoes who were making their way downstream. Two of the boys jumped into the river and tried to swim upstream with varying success. One of the boys said it was like swimming without getting anywhere.

We stayed at this location most of that morning with an off and on sprinkle. Of course, when kids are in a river, a gentle rainfall is water off their backs so to speak. They had a great time that morning and Whitey caght three fish which we cooked up later that day back at our campsite.

Oh, yes, this is the area in which the kids were involved most of that morning. One of the boys noted that his feet never felt as refreshed as they did that morning as this river is just about as cold as Lake Michigan. Hot Dogs and Hostess Snowballs were consumed for lunch before we headed back to Big Bass Lake.

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