Big Bass Lake Road if found under three directions- South, West, and North. Only East evades its entirety. The south portion of Big Bass Lake Road stretches itself from just east of the Public Landing all the way to the Big Bass Lake store in a long straight-a-way.

Of course it wasn’t always that way. In the 1950’s, when the road was unpaved, it went around a quagmire swamp about halfway down that stretch. Even today there is a slight dip in the road over that stretch of highway.

I liked it somewhat better as an unpaved road. The last time I was in that area, the eastern side of the lake was still unpaved for most of the journey to the north side of the lake. It was unpaved around both the Lakeview Cemetary and the Camp Martin Johnson entrance. I’m sure that has been rectified since that time especially with all the new development at Heritage Bay, the former site of the camp.

For most of the southern jog of the road, Big Bass Lake is in view, which is also the case for the north side of the road. The western portion of Big Bass Lake Road is largely out of view of the lake. Yet, for about a half mile on the eastern unpaved road, Big Bass Lake is also in full view.

Our former property extended from just west of where the public landing was located all the way to Matson Road on the north side of the lake.