Kenny and The Haunted House

Kenny was one of the older boys that camped with our boys club trips on our property. He was also the young man that had mistaken bear tracks for deer tracks as another article states elsewhere on “BBL & Beyond“. Now it was the time for us to travel out to the Haunted Island and House. He was a little more than apprehensive after his “bear tracks” encounter.

Kenny was a little afraid of the supernatural world and especially at midnight as our boats docked at the rickety pier on the Haunted Island. He volunteered to stay with the boats as I could tell he had no desire to visit the actual Haunted House itself. But Kenny wasn’t a real good swimmer so he had to go with the rest of the boys. Knowing his more than fertile imagination if he had gotten scared by even the noise of a loon he might have tried swimming back.

As we approached the clearing to the haunted house he was holding onto the hands of another younger boy. On this trip out to the house there was nothing planned but that sure didn’t settle Kenny. Some of the boys stuck their heads through the doorway and windows but Kenny stayed back at the tree line. A sudden wind broke through the trees and Kenny hit the ground as the other kids began laughing since he was the oldest and the most scared.

Kenny then brushed himself off and had to pretend to be brave so he walked toward the house in almost a stagger saying that he was only joking about being scared. One of the younger boys suggested that we spend the night by the haunted house to which he said, “Forget you!” faster than a speeding bullet.

After a few minutes we returned back to the boats and then on back to our wooded beachfront. Kenny got his stagger back said he was just putting on to get the kids going but no one brought that line whatsoever. First the bear tracks and now his fear of the haunted house. This just wasn’t his week. But the rest of his trip went just fine.

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