Yes, that is me by my old Pontiac. I now drive a Chevy Caprice which has much more room. Behind me is the Big Bass Lake Store which is about a mile walk from the family farm. As a boy the walk was on a hot sandy road, at times more gravel than sand. On bare feet it could be difficult. Other times we went to the store via rowboat and under a bridge pictured elsewhere on Big Bass Lake and Beyond.

Otto Bartlett owned the store back in my younger days and he was one of the nicest men I have ever known. After a hot walk a bottle of Squirt went down refreshingly fast. To this day that is still my favorite beverage.

For all those who have wanted to know what I look like now you know. You will see more of me later on with other photographs.

The Bass Lake Store had somewhat higher prices than the stores 20 miles away but it was close for necessary items. The gas was also higher there as I recall. To this day part of the road that goes around Big Bass Lake remains unpaved but the road to our farm from the store has been paved for many years now. The store also had an excellent view of the lake from its balcony. More on this store in a later post.

As you can plainly see, at this time the Big Bass Lake Store was open for business.