Day Trip to Little Bass Lake

The only boys club that ever made a trip over to Little Bass Lake was the Marion Boys Club on a trip where only four boys came to our property. On this trip I borrowed our family motor boat to make the trip much easier because if done by rowboat that would have been a real long haul with having to negotiate around a great many speed boats.

The boys enjoyed seing both Four Winds Island and Turtle Island for the first time. As we drifted into the channel between Big and Little Bass Lake, I brought the motor up and rowed that short distance into Little Bass Lake.

The boys got a thrill seeing Little Bass Lake for the first time. We motored around the entire lake twice and the kids were amazed as to how much different this lake was. The first reaction was that there were no islands on this lake. The boys also noticed fewer cottages around the lake with much more open space.

They were also surprised to learn that this was the deeper of the two lakes. After about an hour and a half, we headed back through the channel to Big Bass Lake but for that short period of time, these boys from Marion got to see Little Bass Lake and they talked about that experience at our campfire that evening. They were also most impressed with the channel.

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