Wakeboarding: Shoes or Barefoot?

The question is shoes or no shoes in regard to wakebording?  I would not recommend leather tennis shoes as they would be ruined over te course of the ride.  Canvas tennis shoes, on the other hand, or should I say foot, would not only maintain a great grip on the board but also get a good washing at the same time.  It would save Mom having to wash those kinds of shoes peiodically.

Barefeet might be the best option and least expensive one over the course of time.  The youngster in question seems to prefer his tennis shoes over that of going barefoot.  If he hits the water, would not tennis shoes be harder to swim in over that of being barefoot?  Bare feet can also get a good grip on a board.  I wonder what the preference might be for he majority of  kids out there?  A good argument could be mde that canvas shoes would protect the feet more should an obstruction be hit but what are the chances of that in most cases?

Shoes or no shoes in regard to wakeboarding?  Hmm?

2 thoughts on “Wakeboarding: Shoes or Barefoot?

  1. Dave, Definitely barefoot. Wakeboards have a boot with and adjustable plate that screw to the board with many holes so the rider can adjust the bindings for their ride. The boots go well above the ankle and usually have laces that pull them tight, they have open toes usually. If you tighten them up enough you can do flips over your wake and the board will stay attached. Last summer my feet slipped out of the boots as I jumped the wake and I slashed my head on the board…so make sure they are laced pretty tight!!


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