New Property Next to Public Landing

This picture shows the last new home on our former property that is nearest to Big Bass Lake Road. Some of their small boats are anchored close to the swamp. From our old pier, there was a windy trails along the shore of Big Bass Lake heading south. Toward where you see those docks the trail angled upward toward Big Bass Lake Road and it was the course I often took to get the mail.

I did so because it was a shady walk over the walk down our driveway in the hot sun. In the 1950’s there was no public landing as that area belonged to Frank Benish and he had his pier there through a section of that swamp. I often wonder how people got their speedboats out of the lake before the public landing. That must have been a lot harder.

Anyone care to let us know for those on the lake in the 50’s and 60’s?

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