An Endurance Test

All up and down the coast in Michigan alongside Lake Michigan there are many endurance tests by way of sand dunes. On those hot summer days, the endurance test not only involves your leg strength but how much heat your feet can endure. Going up takes a great deal of stanima on both the legs and feet, not to mention the heart. Your feet continually must combat the sifting sand as sometimes it seems the progess you make is not as great as it might seem as each step brings your feet somewhat down as well.

I prefer going down sand dunes especially if Lake Michigan is directly below them as my reward is a cool dip into the lake thus quenching my hot feet. But, if you’re in any kind of training, going up those sand dunes should be your option as it is a great strength enforcer.

Make sure you have an adequate supply of drinking water on you as well or designate a friend to carry it for you if you are the one in training. Football players can get a real good workout on their legs on these dunes.

For me, I enjoy going down them and then to go swimming for awhile. But, then, yes, I also have to endure the climb back up before jumping in my car to head home. Say, I wonder if I could talk the State of Michigan into sand dune lifts like they have at ski lodges?

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