The Serene Sauble River

Next to the Ludington Lighthouse, this has to be the second most photographed scene in the entire area. I like it because it showcases the warmer waters of the Sauble River about to merge with the much colder waters of Lake Michigan in such a peaceful setting. Some of the sunrises and sunsets here are spectacular even in the coldness o winter.

An artist could sit just past the Hamlin Bridge and sketch these kinds of scenes for the rest of their life. Now and then children frolic in the water or you can some bird or animal taking a quick drink here. For my husband this is the end location for many of his runs and where we can meet. I usually drop him off about two or three miles toward Ludington and then head back here just to gaze or sketch.

I just wonder what amazing artwork will come from this locale next?

One thought on “The Serene Sauble River

  1. Darlene, Another tremendous picture!! I really enjoy them.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Big Buck

    Darlene: My favorite two areas in Ludington are this Sauble River location and the lighthouse breakwater.


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