Ever Desolate Michigan 116

In summer this stretch of M-116 is busting with activity be it campers on their way to the Hamlin Dam Park (Ludington State Park) or with swimmers wanting their own section of Lake Michigan beach to call their own for a day. Yet today, this same seven mile stretch of roadway is ever so desolate.

The winds off Lake Michigan are nearly unbearable and to venture over that one dune to the shores of Lake Michigan are nothing that I would desire for today. Instead the comfort of my warm car are more than enough for me. After all spring is just a month away and then this area will become alive again.

I rolled down my window for a moment only to capture the breeze at full force which quickly stirred me back to the reality of the moment. I did manage to stop my car and for a brief moment I walked to the top of that dune. The frozen tundra of Lake Michigan was immediately taken in and then open water farther out. Soon it would be all open water again and then a few months later summer would come and I would be taking dips in that very water and maybe even at this location. Yes, I hope very soon!

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