Downtown Scottville

Mike and I live outside of this community about five miles but it is what we call our home town. I do most of my shopping here or in Ludington which is about 15 miles from where I live. Scottville has a community college that offers me some “culture” by way of educational interests and then there’s the lure of the Scottville Park for both picnics and fishing.

About another ten miles from town is an orchard where I go to pick all kinds of fruit for my various pies that I make and bake. Scottville is on the edge of the Manistee National Forest which affords Mike and I some wonderful areas to hike and swim.

Most downtowns in this area of Michigan have older buildings with not much new in sight. Each year Scottville has a harvest festival which Mike and I attend. And, our town also boasts of the Scottville Clown Band which marches in parades throughout the area.

Yes, I do love my home town downtown. Friends and I often meet for coffee there. It’s not Chicago but the traffic is good!

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