Many people may not realize this but Big Bass Lake does have a celebrity author living on its shores and quite close to the channel between Big and Little Bass Lakes. Her name is Ann Louise Chase and she is composed several books about the greater Big Bass Lake area and its rich history. Tiny’s Bait Shop is said to have her works for sale.

Her published material includes Elk Township: A Picture History: Stories, Maps, and Pictures from the Early Nineteen Hundreds and Women on the Edge of Change: An Oral History: Women of the Early Nineteen Hundreds Tell Their Stories. Ann Louise Chase is still active and is a founding member of the Elk Township Historical Society. Within the pages of her works include a picture of my grandfather, Joseph Noreika.

For those who desire to learn more of the history of this area, you can also find her works at the Lake County Public Library in Baldwin, Michigan.  I understand that each page will hold your attention and they are books that you just can’t put down.