The Little Island of Big Bass Lake


The tiny island on the southeast side of Big Bass Lake has gone through many names including Tiny Tim, Grandma’s Hat, and now Loon Isle? My grandmother, Barbara Noreika, told me that the island’s name was Grandma’s Hat probably because of the tree acting like a plume. The island itself is less than a few feet long in any direction. It does have a pretty good sand beach to it.

In the 1950’s there used to be a ski jump ramp just to the east of the island but that is long gone. I wonder at times why it was removed? Probably for liability reasons.

The tiny island stands in sharp contrast to the Big Island directly to its west. The little island was a great view from the Big Bass Lake store deck. If you look far enough north you can observe the narrows in the distance and that is where the lake narrows somewhat enroute to the north side of the lake.

Any other observations about the little island?

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