Erecting Tents at Our Wooded Beach


On our boys club trips to our family property in Michigan it was also fun to erect tents. Erecting a new tent was always the hardest as instructions always tend to be a tad too detailed. Once any given tent was erected the second and third times they were put up went all the faster. Our tents were always stored at the end of any given trip in our grainery for use the following summer. But over the course of time, some had to be replaced.

One year I brought up a dining tent for times of rain or heavy mosquitoes. It was very little canvas and almost all a meshed window. The kids also used it as a sort of lounge because it caught the winds nicely off of Big Bass Lake and served them well for rest times.

On most trips two tents were erected and a couple of times three. Two were fairly close together and the two times a third tent was put up it was off about thirty yards from the other two. The reason why was due to the area not having enough room.

On a very stormy night one summer my grandmother came all the way from her house (about a half mile away) in that storm to demand that for that night we all move to the guest cottage. She was concerned about our metal rods on the tents attracting lightning. So eight boys and I shared that two room guest cottage for that night. It also had a screened in porch that was put to use.

After a week in a tent civilized living sure looks good again. Still, I highly recommend tent camping. Try it sometime.

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