Errie Sunset at Big Bass Lake

One of the boys cired out, “Dave, the sky is on fire!” The members of the Marion Boys Club in one accord looked skyward and it was just as that one boy had declared. It appeared as though the sky was on fire. I don’t think that I had ever seen a sunset like that before in all my travels to Big Bass Lake. The colorful hues were magnificent. It had to be that the atmospheric conditions were just right to produce a sunset like that.

The kids and I watched that sky until the colors had faded into the night sky. The brilliant red sky adjusted into a purple one and then into jet black. Some of the boys watched from a fowboat nchored nearby as they fished that evening while others enjoyed the sight while swimiming. It was a spectacular albeit an errie evening that night. It provided just the right luster for an evening stroll through our woods that night.

Have you ever seen a similar sunset at Big Bass Lake? If so send us a photograph of it to

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