It would seem that Big Bass Lake is moving into another arena with the advent of these things. Whatever happened to those simple rafts or the occasional slide around the lake? I remember the days of inner tubes and rope swings on the lake. But now the lake is beginning to showcase these extravagent playstations that have diving boards on the top platform and slides forming at the second level.

Oh for those simpler times! Now I’m not begrudging those that can afford such things their right to do so, but why not a simple raft to springboard off of? With these new versons, you could almost bungy jump off the top of those things.

In the 1950’s and 60’s no such things were found on Big Bass Lake. Our property waterfront used inner tubes and at times rope swings for our boys club camping trips. Or we oveturned our metal rowboat and leaped off the bottom which was then on top of the water.

I suppose change was inevitable on Big Bass Lake but I long for those more simple times. Those, sad to say, have melted into the eons of time giving place to these new versions of fun at Big Bass Lake.