Wow!  If my wife Darlene would let me, I would buy a parcel of land on the Little Manistee River and almost be in heaven!  Fishing year round would become prt of my daily life as I would only have to go out my back door to cast in a line.  Or I could put in my canoe anytime and move about this marvelous river.  And, in te good old summetime, we could both refresh ourselves in the icy waters of this river.

Darlene could paint pictures of this area to her hearts content without ever having to travel about to do the same thing now.  But she loves her large garden where we live now just outside Scottville, Michigan.  She would hate to leave that so for now I can dream about owning a place on that river.  The river looks a little high today as it must have raied a lot. 

Can you imagine the salmon running this stream at that time of the year?  Makes my mouth water!  Maybe, just maybe, some day this will become a reality.  Maybe?