McCarthy Creek by Dawn

McCarty Creek

I believe I have found a picture of the elusive McCarty Creek in Michigan and for a story on this area I have copied a post by Dawn over at Memories of Michigan (Blogroll) which I highly encourage you visiting from time to time to read her posts on her memories of Michigan. Here is her post on McCarty Creek.

McCarty Creek ran through Brookwood. It was a pure, spring fed stream with frigidly cold rushing water. That water served many purposes for the Bartlett clan. It provided pure, spring fed, sand filtered drinking water that was unbelievably delicious. I have never enjoyed any water better- and I love water! I have tried many bottled and purified waters as well as tap waters. When served up in those tall, cold, vintage anodized aluminum glasses water from the creek would quench your thirst like nothing else. I remember that the glasses of water were so cold the glasses would immediately bead up in sweat. In fact, the water was so unusual, so beloved and so enjoyable, we filled 5 gallon containers to take home with us between trips. It never lasted until the next weekend!

McCarty Creek was gorgeous in the early hours of the dawn when you watched out the back porch windows and saw trout leaping after bugs and mink playing in the creek. What a wonderfully picturesque view!

We fished in the creek. I think all of us caught our first trout there. And across the creek, a short way into the Kragness property (shhhhhh! he never caught us there!) there was a wonderful little area where the creek pooled creating a quiet pond in a lush wooded setting. It was a great place to fish! The banks were covered in places with deep green, soft moss making it very comfortable to settle down and await a nibble on your hook!

Another use for McCarty Creek was as our refrigerator. We didn’t fire up the propane fridge while visiting, there was no need. If an item was perishable it would be put in a container and floated in the creek in a mesh potato sack. That creek kept everything fresh and safe to eat. It also housed our milk, any soda and the beer for the grown-ups. All of it rose dripping from the creek at the perfect temperature.
Very occasionally on a very warm day you might find us dabbling our feet into the creek- but you cooled off very quickly- or froze your feet! Those who were not weak of heart were sometimes found wading in the frigid water. Brrrr!

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