The Storm of 2008- Part Two

This is a road near Free Soil and can you imagine coming onto this break in the road at night? You’d better make like the A-Team and get ready for a running start to jimp it or you’ll wind up like this car near Ludington-

This car didn’t make the leap of faith and wound up at the bottom of the hole. Can you imagine the sheer horror of driving into nothingness for those precious few seconds? Better have your seat belt working that morning! I wonder if the driver was able to walk away from that?

In this photograph, the road on US 31 near Manistee just washed away due to the heavy rain of June 8. In fact it caused a 72 mile detour on a road that usually took only twenty miles to bridge the distance between Scottville and Manistee.

The temporary detour lasted for about two to three weeks because this was not the only portion of US 31 that washed away that weekend. The Michigan Department of Transportation was kept busy for weeks repairing road or fixing those gaping holes in roadways throughout the area.

Tomorrow, I will bring this series to a close with some pictures of what the Ludington area itself looked like after this storm.

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