The Big Bass Lake Store Grass Stairs

The Marion Boys Club largely made all their trips to the Big Bass Lake Store by rowboat for any extra supplies we needed at our wooded beachfront campsite. They also liked the store for an occassional snack or postcards. These were the steps leading up from the pier to the store.

There were also “dugout” wooded seats embedded in the hillside where one could relax with their snack or soft drink until everyone was ready to head back to camp. Grandma’s Hat, the tiny island, was in full view out north into the lake. The island was just to the right of where we turned west and under the bridge that led to the Big Island.

For some reason, Hostess Snowballs was a big favorite of the Marion Boys Club kids on any trip. We usually took two boats over to the store always keeping close one to the other in the event of any emergency. All the kids had life jackets on for added protection.

Our trips to the store were usually in early morning just after breakfast. The lake was fairly quiet at those times. The boys always looked forward to that store for their needs including a comic book or two. It was their personal oasis from their camping experiences that brought them a taste of a return to normalcy. Even so, they were always ready to head back to camp for whatever activities and side trips awaited them there.

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